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Slavica G.,
Master of Education of Croatian language and literature

I’m Slavica, Croatian language teacher from Osijek, Croatia. I graduated in 2016. and passed the National teacher exam in 2017. I’ve worked in multiple schools teaching children ages 11 and above. Currently, I work in marketing & I teach Croatian to students all over the world. 

Online Croatian Private Classes

Schedule your lessons at your own pace and start learning a new language from the comfort of your home. Wether you speak Croatian a bit or you are complete beginner, online private croatian lessons are perfect since the pace and materials are completly adapted to you. You will receive all the materials neatly organized in a Google Drive folder, and the lessons will be scheduled through Google Meet. You can access the class from your computer or your phone. 


Croatian Lessons for Expats

Did you know that Croatia is one of the countries with the biggest number of expats? It is estimated that there is more than 3 million croatian expats living all over the world, in countries like Ireland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, USA, Chile and more. Online croatian lessons for expats are ideal if you are looking to refresh your knowledge or learn basic phrases to communicate with your family, partner or inlaws.

Croatian Lessons for Tourists

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular touristic destination, and it is no surprise that more and more tourists fall in love with Croatia and Croatian language.

If you want to learn Croatian to spend more time in Croatia, online croatian classes are ideal. You can learn all the basic phrases to get around and start speaking Croatian language in no time.

Conversational croatian

Grammar can be boring, and you want to focus more on conversations?

Sure, conversational Croatian lessons are perfect option if you want to learn

Academic or business Croatian

Are you looking to study, start a business or find a job in Croatia?

It is possible to fully adapt lessons to your needs, so don't hesitate to reach out with your requirements.

FAQ - Questions and Answers - Learning Croatian Language Online

Most frequent questions and answers about online Croatian lessons and learning Croatian language in general

One of best ways to start learning Croatian is to sign up for an online group or private course. This way, you will learn all the basics with a teacher, get answers to all your questions and excercise speaking and pronounciation. You can also start learning Croatian by yourself with a help of a workbook, self-paced online course or an app like Duolingo.

Yes and no! Croatian is not the easiest language to learn, but it is also not very difficult. Many of my successful students prove that! 

You can speed up the process of learning by dedicating more time to learning by yourself. Great benefit of learning Croatian is that is very similar to other South Slavic language like Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrian, so you will be able to get around not just in one country, but more like 5!

Yes, apps like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo or Babbel are a great addition to your learning process, especially if they will motivate you to dedicate some time each day to learning Croatian. However, my recommendation is that you still have a group or private lessons just so you can get feedback on your pronouncination, grammar structure etc.

Online private and group lessons are a great way to learn Croatian online. You can also try apps or get a workbook and start learning right away.

Learning Croatian won’t take longer than learning German or Swedish. 

Like when learning other foreign languages, there is a certain number of hours you should dedicate to learning Croatian before becoming fluent. However, how soon you will achieve this goal depends only on you. If you dedicate 30-minutes of learning (with a teacher or by yourself) every day, you’ll start speaking a new language much sooner than someone who only has one lesson every week.

Yes, you can choose a course depending on your needs and time avaliability. For more information, check our page dedicated to courses.

Yes, we are planning to launch a Croatian language & culture course which will take place in beautiful city Osijek, Croatia. 

The course is planned for September of 2023. and it will be filled with differnt cultural and learning activities, such as visiting Vučedol museum, Vukovar, history lessons about Homeland war, cooking lessons, food tasting and more! We can’t wait to share more information so stay tuned 🙂 Also email us if you are interested since there will be very few limited spots.


Croatian Language Lessons
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Travel or live in Croatia & truly experience culture

Get around in Croatia as a tourist

Study or work in croatia

Student Reviews – Private Online Croatian Lessons

What do students say?

Slavica is the best teacher I found into my languages journey 🙂 you can feel always comfortable to try (and be wrong 😀 ) even if you are not yet familiar with speaking Croatian. Hvala lijepa Slavica!
I am extremely satisfied with my courses with Slavica. She is a very smart teacher and I learn every time so much not only aboute the language but also about the culture. She answers every question fully and is very creative when it comes to show me releations to others words or grammar pieces. Very good and friendly teacher!
I have learned so much in my classes with Slavica. Not only the language but also a lot about the Croatian people and their culture. Slavica is a really proffesional, patient and kind teacher. The lessons are a lot of fun. The instructions, the exercises and her teaching methods are easy to follow. Slavica also provides a great mix of listening, practical learning activities and speaking. I also feel very safe and supported every lesson. I am very enthousiastic about learning Croatian with Slavica and I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn this language.
Slavica is well prepared for every class and is a very patient teacher. She is friendly and provides a comfortable, judgement free, atmosphere for learning a new language. She’s everything that I look for in a tutor/teacher. Highly recommend!
United states

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